AlphaTec 58-735


Don’t choose between chemical or cut protection, have both!

Nitrile barrier provides advanced chemical protection from many frequently used chemicals

INTERCEPT™ Cut Resistance Technology provides ISO C cut protection

ANSELL GRIP™ Technology for the handling of wet or oily parts providing enhanced dexterity, grip and comfort

Ideal Applications

  • Chemical Blending
  • Chemical/Fluid/Agent Sampling
  • Cleaning & Preparation for Painting
  • Handling Materials w/Sharp Edges
  • Lab and Research and Development
  • Laboratory Work
  • Mechanical Component Assembly/Maintenance
  • Metal Working with Corrosives
  • Tools & Parts Cleaning
  • Washing of Lab glassware
  • Wiping/Spot Cleaning

Industries 58-735

• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• Automotive & OEM
• Fabricated metal
• Machinery & equipment
• Refining & chemical
• Transport
• Upstream petroleum
• Waste treatment


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