AlphaTec 58-430/58-435


The dexterity of an unlined style with the wet/oily grip performance of ANSELL GRIP Technology.

New AlphaTec® 58-430 and 58-435 glove styles combine the market-leading performance of ANSELL GRIPTM Technology with the flexibility and dexterity of an unlined nitrile shell.

This unique, patented design features a premium grade nitrile compound coating (for versatile chemical protection and long-lasting snag, puncture and abrasion resistance) along with comfortable cotton-flocked liner.

Ansell grip technology
AlphaTec 58-430 and 58-435

ANSELL GRIP Technology

• Creates safe and secure glove contact with tools or part surfaces by wicking liquids into glove coating micro-channels

• Ensures optimal control and confidence when handling oily or wet objects

• Requires less force to control slippery objects, reducing hand and arm fatigue

Unique Mechanical Properties

• The high-performance nitrile compound coating offers superior snag, puncture and abrasion protection* for long term wear

Versatile Chemical Protection

• 58-430: 10 mil shell protects against incidental exposure to bases, oils, fuels, some solvents, greases & animal fats

• 58-435: 16 mil shell protects against contact with hydrocarbon derivatives, alcohol bases, many solvents and esters

Wet Grip Dexterity

• Snug, second-skin tailoring tightens the fit across the palm for added comfort and tactility and improves dexterity when moving between tasks

Drip, Splash Protection

• A foldable gutter cuff helps to prevent dripping onto the forearm

• An extra-long cuff (58-435 only) extends protection to the upper forearm

Comfortable Cotton Flocked Liner

• The cotton flocked lining helps manage

Applications: 58-430

Protection from lubricated, contaminated objects
and a secure wet/oily grip:

• Application of anti-corrosion materials
• Cleaning of spray gun in paint shops
• Draining and disposal of waste oils
• Handling of parts coated with metal-working fluids
• Maintenance of industrial machine tools

Applications: 58-435

Protection from contact with hazardous chemicals and a secure wet/oily grip:

• Agriculture, rubber, waste and water treatment
• Cleaning of chemical processing equipment
• Compounding, mixing, blending and package filling
• Drum/batch/container chemical material transfer
• Handling of substances for water treatment
• Manual spraying, equipment clean-downs, disposal
• Process sampling in external environments
• Processing of rubber/mixing of rubber additives
• Recycling, recovery, maintenance
• Refining, petro-chemicals, fine chemicals, paint

Industries: 58-430 and 58-435

• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• Automotive & OEM
• Fabricated metal
• Machinery & equipment
• Refining & chemical
• Transport
• Upstream petroleum
• Waste treatment


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