The Optiscan Solution

We believe 100% stock availability is an achievable reality

Our Optiscan solution offers the most versatile and flexible option when it comes to your stock management with easiest of installations and set up. We work with you to profile your stock range and set minimum and maximum levels that are configured to our purchasing systems and monitored by your account manager.

This coupled with our consignment stock service provides a high level of product availability for your business operations, less chance of productivity losses and improved cash flow for your business.

Dedicated account management

We work closely with you to identify cost savings opportunities and efficiency improvements

Once your implementation has been completed our Dedicated Account Management Team and local support centres will work closely with your stock profile to identify any possible cost savings and productivity improvements.

We have a dedicated Product Support Team that works around the clock to bring you the latest in product technology and innovation to ensure you have the best possible products to support your business.

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