June 04 2019

Alexander Dennis Case study

Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) is one of the world’s leading bus and coach builders with a history and heritage of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence that spans more than a century.The group is now recognised as the leading bus and coach manufacturer in the UK and one of the fastest growing bus and coach builders in Western Europe.


Falkirk bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis Ltd first agreed a contract for production consumables with Monks & Crane in 2015. At that time consumables were issued to operators via a kardex system which proved to be very time-consuming.  Operators would typically queue before starting work to withdraw the items required to carry out their daily tasks. This could result in significant production down time as operators waited for consumables or PPE.

In order to address this and ultimately to reduce operators walking and waiting time Monks & Crane worked with Alexander Dennis staff to identify products required at each stage of the production process. Initially these were supplied line side in toolkit form while a suitable automated supply solution was configured and developed.

Alexander Dennis now have 6 bespoke vending machines providing production consumables and PPE to all departments.  These automated vends hold agreed stock levels of all products and are replenished daily to ensure full stock availability. This has significantly reduced ADLs own staff requirement to issue products from stores, minimised stock outs by providing access to items 24/7 and ensuring that critical PPE is available at all times. In addition safety footwear which previously was issued by the Health & Safety Department is now managed by the vending system.  Monks & Crane have also assisted Alexander Dennis with running trials to ensure all end users are consulted on the introduction of new PPE items.

Monks & Crane have a VMI Support Operator in attendance at Alexander Dennis from Monday to Friday each week replenishing and managing vends. A dedicated Account Manager oversees all aspects of the partnership and is supported on site by a Customer Service Representative who works with ADL staff to develop the products supplied via the vend system, review the Bills of Material, introduce innovative new products, deliver cost savings and provide an additional Monks & Crane contact on site. A full suite of management reporting information is available as required by ADL.

Alexander Dennis and Monks & Crane have continued their partnership and hope to expand the VMI Supply Solution into other areas of the business to provide on-going efficiencies and cost savings in the future.

For more information about Alexander Dennis please contact w: Alexander-dennis.com   e: info@alexander-dennis.com t:01324 621672

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